How to Trim Goat Hooves

So, I trimmed my sweetie (OH my, and stubborn) doe’s hooves yesterday. I figured since when I got my first goat, it was hard for me, that I would post pictures and really terrible instructions to go with them. So, I will now present to you…

How to Trim Goatie Hooves. *Keep in mind that I am not one to cut WAAAAYYY down, almost to the quick. I feel that if I cut some flesh off and some wall they will be good for the next three months.*

First, you want to get the right hold on the goat’s hoof. You cannot do it grudgingly or you will slice yourself open, so it actually is important. You can wear gloves, I know many do, but I don’t. I feel as if I have more control without gloves. For the front feet, I hold like this. My legs cradle the goatie leg to where I can see the hoof and she doesn’t fall.

aluce hoof trim 007

For the back feet, I hold like this, and pull the foot out from behind her.  Yes, the goat will probably kick, that is just the way it is.  Just hold on to it and wait for a time when she/he stops. :

aluce hoof trim 013

Second, you want to kind of investigate the hoof, see what needs to be done. Alice hasn’t been trimmed in about 6 months, her hooves weren’t too absolutely horrible. If there is any hoof wall curling over, you need to cut that off straight away. First, start with one side, and just level the hoof to where nothing is overlapping anything or sticking out.

aluce hoof trim 006

Once you level one side off you can start on the next. Level that off the exact same way you did with the other. The back of the hoof pad may be growing towards the middle. You can cut the quick easily back here, so don’t take a lot off. Just a smidge, and go from there.

aluce hoof trim 008

This is where you can start trimming access hoof pad off. Not the wall, the actual flesh. I used to get very freaked out over this, and as a newbie, I didn’t do it because I didn’t know you should. Well, it’s easier than you think. At the hoof point, there is usually quite a bit of extra flesh there. So, at the very point, angle your hoof trimmers up, and cut the tip off. Remember, not enough is better than too much, so just go tiny bit by tiny bit. That way, you don’t have a good chance of hitting blood. Once you see pink, if you do, STOP. That is the quick, like on a dog’s toenails.

This is a finished hoof.

aluce hoof trim 011

aluce hoof trim 019

And here is a stubborn Alice who was not happy with me once we were done.

aluce hoof trim 015

Any questions or additives, feel free to comment.

*Oh, new accomplishment for me, I did this all in a nice dress.  LOL*



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